Agile Web Development with Rails (2nd Ed.)

Second Editionキターーー。邦訳版も好調な売れ行きを見せているAWDwRですが、DHHやDave Thomasのblogで第2版がアナウンスされていました! ひょえー。

Thus, today we're announcing the 2nd edition of Agile Web Development with Rails.
So starting today, the beta version of the book is available for instant PDF download and for combo purchase (get the paper book when done).

To celebrate the release of Rails 1.1, we're delighted to announce the second edition of Agile Web Development with Rails. This is a major update to the original, and we're releasing it as a beta book.

いつも通り、PragProgのサイトでbeta bookが購入できます。Comboもあります。